Monday, March 20, 2017

A Business Outfit that Shines

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In every woman’s wardrobe, there needs to be some type of business attire. A professional look, or style it doesn’t always have to be a plain pant suite, or solid plain old skirt and blazer it can have some flare and style as well.
I found a great look that works great for an interview, business meeting, or any type of professional gathering. This look isn’t plain and lifeless, it speaks shine and style.

Starting with the main piece is a great blazer jacket with sparkle sleeves. Who says you don’t need a little glitter everywhere you go?

Pair this jacket with a black undershirt or tank top, and some black leggings or pencil skirt, some gladiator heels, and who can’t forget earrings; and  now you have a look that pops, but yet sparkles.

I loved the sparkle blazer and how it fits. The look is classy but yet playful. It is away to show you have a professional style but yet, you can shine still. You can find this Sparkle Blazer here

 #earrings #Silverearrings #jewleryThe black leggings I found that worked best, that weren’t see through, were comfy, but yet still looked professional I found here at Legging Army, They have a great selection.
You can’t forget the special earrings that help pull the whole piece together. I loved these LUVAMI 18k White Gold Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings they are just the right size to make a statement but not to big to get in the way, or be to flashy. I also like these to wear out, or on any occasion they are really a great pair of earrings to wear anywhere any time.

If you found this outfit great, please let me know. If you didn’t like it, please let me know. I would love to hear what you have to say and any fashion tips you can give.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Cowgirl Boots and Flats that Go Moooo!!

Now that 2017 is here, so are new styles. New styles bring new looks and a new you. There is nothing like a new look to brighten your spirits, or to motivate you.  I love styles that make you want to adventure outside, and have fun in the sun.

I found these two great shoes that make you want to adventure outside and enjoy the new year. There is nothing like a great western style. I absolutely love these cowgirl boots I found and these great critter cow flats. You cannot go wrong with a classic cowgirl boot. And these cute cow flats are just too cute not to put on your feet.

The cowgirl boot is a simple boot, with a simple classic cowgirl boot style. But, don't let these boots full you, they are different than traditional cowgirl boots. by the ankle there is breathable little holes, that let your feet breath. Great for summer on those hot sweaty days.

Don't forget these adorable Cow Flats. They are too cute to not put on your feet. I loved the black and white spots, made this shoe more unique. The cute cow faces say it all. I sure do love these Critter cowgirl flats.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Sweater Dress, Just Right for Winter

With the cold weather here, all you want to do is stay cozy and warm. But, at the same time you still want to maintain your style as well. I found this great Lacle Womens Knitted long Winter Slim Fit Sweater Dress ( Gray Medium) that is so cozy, so soft, and so warm. It is perfect for a cold winter’s night. I love that I can wear this with boots, booties, or heels. I also love that it can be worn with or without leggings, and with or without a belt. This sweater dress is so warm that you can wear it without leggings or anything underneath and you will still be warm.

I ordered this a size to large for me because I thought it was going to be a really tight dress, but it is stretchy and can stretch to size. If I could buy it again I would buy a size smaller, so I would fit me a little better; although, the larger size works as well. Once you feel the softness of the sweater against your skin, you will love it no mater what size it is.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Fall Paisley Long Dress

With Fall almost over and winter around the corner, I wanted to come up with a great fall outfit to wear before the season was over. I found this great Dilanni Womens Summer Boho Dress Sleeveless Printing Dress (Small-3XL), that has some great Fall colors and a nice loose flowy feel to it. The print resembles something similar to your classic Western paisley print, with colors of teal, blue, and white with specks of orange, yellow and purple. The designs are outlined with a thin black line that is hardly noticeable but enough to tie in some black shoes if desired. The color schemes of this long dress holds that feel of fall.

 Fall Dress or Summer Dress
Just above the waist is an elastic band that stretches to fit. I wore a brown western belt where the elastic band is, to highlight the waist. There is a braided brown leather string that holds the dress up on the shoulders and where it ties around the front of the neck, with little brown beads tied to the end of the rope. I think that this feature of the braided leather string, helps add to that western Fall feel to this Long Bohemia Dress. The fabric is nice and light and easy to take care of which makes this dress a great buy, and a lasting style.

I wore brown western boots Western Chelsea Ankle Boot - Cute Suede Wrapped Low Heel with this as well as these great yellow Retro Ankle Strap Mary Jane Wedge - Low Teardrop Cut Out Shoe - Tootie by J. Adams. The brown boots gave the dress a more western feel to it, but the yellow sandals made this dress more casual and dressed it up a little bit. Click Here for a review on the Western Style Boots. This also goes great with any cardigan that plays well with the color schemes of this dress.

Overall one of my favorite Fall wears for 2016. Best part is that this dress comes in all sizes from small to plus sizes, so everyone can enjoy the beauty of this dress. It is also available in other prints and colors.
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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Fall Boots

The days are cooling down as fall approaches, the feel of winter is just around the corner. You start to think to yourself, "It's about time for my boots to come out and play, and time to put away those playful sandals until next summer comes around." If you are anything like me you cannot wait until the seasons change, because that means it is time for new outfits, and new shoes.

This fall I have a few Fall favorites from that I am in love with. I have these two boots that make any outfit pop featured in the video below.

The first boot featured is a Platform Ankle Boot - Edgy Low Chunky Biker Bootie - Trendy Buckle Strap Lug Sole - Round Closed Toe - Grunge Elevated Heel Casual Boot. When I first got these boots I thought maybe they were a little too tough of a style for me to pull off, but after wearing them I changed my mind. These boots are a great way to take any fancy outfit and turn it into a casual everyday outfit. I liked wearing them with jeans, leggings or a trendy skirt. I also liked pairing these with knee high or thigh high socks, another way to dress up these boots and take some of the toughness away. Unless of course you are looking for that tough look.

Either way these boots are great to have in any wardrobe and are great to wear this fall. They are comfortable and fit to size. A little tight around the top of the boot, but the adjustable buckles help with this.

The second boot featured is a Western Chelsea Ankle Boot - Elastic Pull On Bootie - Cute Suede Wrapped Low Heel - Everyday Walking Shoe. This fall I have been into the western look, so I was pretty excited for these bootie boots. I love the Camel Suede color over the black. To me this color is more of a western color when in this suede texture, and is also a great color for Fall. I wasn't to sure about the zipper and the elastic features, but the style grew on me. The heel is low enough where they are not uncomfortable to wear, and they are not as narrow as they appear. When I first saw these boots I thought that they may be a little narrow but, they weren't. Definitely make my feet look smaller than they really are. These too fit to size, and look great with leggings, jeans, dresses, and skirts. I loved wearing these with jeans that are boot cut, to pull off that western style.

If you are interested in these boots and others look for them on the links listed above, or in the links featured in the video description. You can also find more boots, heels, and shoes on remember to use coupon code YES20 at checkout to save 20% on your entire order.

Look out for more Fall styles and winter fashion to come from Word of a Mom's Fashion blog. I have more fun shoes, and styles to share with you in the post to come.