Thursday, November 3, 2016

Fall Boots

The days are cooling down as fall approaches, the feel of winter is just around the corner. You start to think to yourself, "It's about time for my boots to come out and play, and time to put away those playful sandals until next summer comes around." If you are anything like me you cannot wait until the seasons change, because that means it is time for new outfits, and new shoes.

This fall I have a few Fall favorites from that I am in love with. I have these two boots that make any outfit pop featured in the video below.

The first boot featured is a Platform Ankle Boot - Edgy Low Chunky Biker Bootie - Trendy Buckle Strap Lug Sole - Round Closed Toe - Grunge Elevated Heel Casual Boot. When I first got these boots I thought maybe they were a little too tough of a style for me to pull off, but after wearing them I changed my mind. These boots are a great way to take any fancy outfit and turn it into a casual everyday outfit. I liked wearing them with jeans, leggings or a trendy skirt. I also liked pairing these with knee high or thigh high socks, another way to dress up these boots and take some of the toughness away. Unless of course you are looking for that tough look.

Either way these boots are great to have in any wardrobe and are great to wear this fall. They are comfortable and fit to size. A little tight around the top of the boot, but the adjustable buckles help with this.

The second boot featured is a Western Chelsea Ankle Boot - Elastic Pull On Bootie - Cute Suede Wrapped Low Heel - Everyday Walking Shoe. This fall I have been into the western look, so I was pretty excited for these bootie boots. I love the Camel Suede color over the black. To me this color is more of a western color when in this suede texture, and is also a great color for Fall. I wasn't to sure about the zipper and the elastic features, but the style grew on me. The heel is low enough where they are not uncomfortable to wear, and they are not as narrow as they appear. When I first saw these boots I thought that they may be a little narrow but, they weren't. Definitely make my feet look smaller than they really are. These too fit to size, and look great with leggings, jeans, dresses, and skirts. I loved wearing these with jeans that are boot cut, to pull off that western style.

If you are interested in these boots and others look for them on the links listed above, or in the links featured in the video description. You can also find more boots, heels, and shoes on remember to use coupon code YES20 at checkout to save 20% on your entire order.

Look out for more Fall styles and winter fashion to come from Word of a Mom's Fashion blog. I have more fun shoes, and styles to share with you in the post to come.


  1. Love those outfits! Looking forward to seeing your date night picks! :)

  2. Hey looking beautiful! I am going to buy the same combination for this winter. UpdateLand