Monday, March 6, 2017

Cowgirl Boots and Flats that Go Moooo!!

Now that 2017 is here, so are new styles. New styles bring new looks and a new you. There is nothing like a new look to brighten your spirits, or to motivate you.  I love styles that make you want to adventure outside, and have fun in the sun.

I found these two great shoes that make you want to adventure outside and enjoy the new year. There is nothing like a great western style. I absolutely love these cowgirl boots I found and these great critter cow flats. You cannot go wrong with a classic cowgirl boot. And these cute cow flats are just too cute not to put on your feet.

The cowgirl boot is a simple boot, with a simple classic cowgirl boot style. But, don't let these boots full you, they are different than traditional cowgirl boots. by the ankle there is breathable little holes, that let your feet breath. Great for summer on those hot sweaty days.

Don't forget these adorable Cow Flats. They are too cute to not put on your feet. I loved the black and white spots, made this shoe more unique. The cute cow faces say it all. I sure do love these Critter cowgirl flats.

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